Consortium: THE TOWER


On May 11th, 2016 we successfully closed out a crowdfunding campaign on Fig, directly enabling us to create this experience. You can learn plenty about the goals and aims of the project on the FIG CAMPAIGN PAGE

We here at iDGi have invented a satellite capable of opening a rift through time and space. Travel with us through this rift to the year 2042, where YOU assume the role of Consortium officer Bishop Six.

Building on the strengths of CONSORTIUM Game One, Consortium: THE TOWER (Game Two) uses all of the core mechanics, interface systems, gear and dynamic fourth wall shattering concepts for an all new scope: The Churchill Tower, a massive, futuristic skyscraper in the heart of London, England. What should have been a straightforward mission to rescue civilian hostages from terrorists turns into a global debacle involving a deeply rooted conspiracy where Bishop Six will be forced to question his allegiances and the morality of meddling across the bounds of existence.

Choose to stick to the mission blindly, or choose to question and explore its boundaries, unlocking monumental discoveries and shedding new light on the unfolding events. Fully interact with dozens of people from their world using our waterfall dialogue tree system, and choose to Fight, Explore, Sneak and/or Talk your way through the entire experience.

Support our ongoing production! Buy our game now and get access to Act 1 and more, representing 21+ hours of gameplay!

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